3 P's of Mesmerizing Design

Updated: Jun 18

Have you ever wish you could have a room full of color? A room full of personality that is yet comfortable . A room that is unique to your own style. You can using these 3 P 's of design tips I have learned from the PROS !!!

Here are my design tips using the 3- P 's that each incorporate a reflection of your unique style .

The First P - YES, you guessed it, Paint!

Paint can transform a room in the most realist economical way. Each color of the spectrum has a feeling that can created a significant, soothing, special design . Inspired by the love of the color paint you desire that gives you that wow factor that exclaims "I love my home or work space."

My second P is Patterns - Patterns can come in all forms starting from the foundation of the architectural design layout. Then, we move to the finishing elements: flooring, doors, windows, and all the way down to the fabric selection and beautiful colorful pattern rugs.

My last P is the Prints. This includes art for the walls the ranging from a masterpiece from an Art Exhibit or on the IPhone captured from a vacation . It may even be the custom photo from your kid's classroom drawing.

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