Components of a Well Design Kitchen

I have been told that the Kitchen is the heart of the home and, I would agree now more than ever .

Our Kitchen is the place where so much is happening. From breakfast, ZOOM calls, to Kids' Lunch and a wholehearted Dinner prep where round table discussions on what happening in the world are held.

So I decided after having a client called me to consult a renovation kitchen and bath renovation that I would write about the many components that I have learned that makes a well design kitchen .

Crafting a Kitchen Design

Did you know that estimating is one of the most important aspects of the Design Renovation? Its purpose is to calculate as accurately as possible the anticipated cost

of labor materials and equipment; overhead costs. Errors in calculations or failures to fully review the plans and specifications to the scope of work can be costly . Reliable estimates are essential to the success of the design.

Follow me along as I go through key components of a well design Kitchen .

Information and tips based on (NKBA) National Kitchen & Bath Associations recommendations. Some information is from be working alongside contractors as well as working in a Kitchen and Bath Showroom designing and selecting elements for customers like you.

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